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Water Level Meters

Solinst Model 101

Provide accurate water level measurements in wells, boreholes and standpipes. The Model 101 Water Level Indicator is the most accurate and reliable of the Solinst meters. It is easy to operate and read to 1/100 ft or to each millimeter.
The Model 101 Water Level Meter uses a choice of probe designs, attached to a permanently marked polyethylene tape, fitted on a well-balanced reel. P7 pressure-proof probe is available. Similar to the P2 probe, the simple design is easy-to-clean, and hangs straight in wells. The meter is powered by a standard 9 volt battery housed in an easy-access battery drawer.
  • Field rugged
  • Traceable to national standards
  • Sensitivity adjustable to conductivity
  • Markings each 1/100 ft. or millimeter
  • Probes avoid false readings in cascading water


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