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Aeroqual 500 Ozone Meter

Aeroqual 500 Ozone Meter

The Aeroqual Series 500 Portable Ozone (O3) Monitor enables accurate real-time surveying of low ozone concentrations in air. Suitable for use on a range of projects, including ozone source and leak detection, process control, health and safety monitoring, and LEED and WELL building standards.

Low-Range Ozone (O3) Monitoring: 

  • Concentration Range: 0 - 0.15 ppm
  • Minimum Detection Limit: 0.001 ppm
  • Resolution: 0.0001 ppm
  • Response Time = 60 seconds 


Features include: 

  • Portable handheld for spot measurements and screening, or continuous monitoring data logger.
  • Temperature and relativity humidity sensor included.
  • Capable of up to one month of continuous monitoring at a 5-minute sampling rate.
  • Built-in alarms low and high alarm points.
  • Direct power, or rechargeable lithium battery powered.
  • Free and easy to use PC software


Manual and FAQ (Click Here)

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