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About Us

We are Paul Coulombe,  Adrian Beaumont, and exceptional technical sales and repairs personnel. A mash of synergy! offering equipment and experience who are passionate for dealing with you, the environmental technicians and technologist, and front-line scientists crucial to your company and Environment.

The name Maxim was derived from the dictionary meaning, which pretty much precludes our mission statement “to apply several years knowledge and skills, assisting through exceptional customer service and supplying superbly maintained instrumentation…”:


A truth drawn from science or experience; principle, rule of conduct Our technical knowledge and experience should be helpful for any application; and our drive to be the number one source for rentals, purchases and repairs will ensure prompt response to your inquiries.

Maxim Environmental and Safety Inc. offer competitive rental rates for the more popular environmental monitoring and sampling equipment. Furthermore, anything we rent we sell, and usually at the best prices. And of course we have all the consumable supplies necessary for the maintenance of your equipment, or for the safe and quality handling of air, water and soil samples. Training and repairs of the equipment is also at the forefront of our service capabilities.

Having met so many individuals and dealt with hundreds of companies offering so much in way of environmental service, we decided our combined experience and knowledge is best put to use benefiting you. This is Maxim Environmental and Safety Inc., and of a partnership made for you!


Maxim should be the first choice Canadian company for crucial environmental instrumentation and supplies.

You will casually put your trust in Maxim knowing that orders are diligently handled by principal owners Paul Coulombe paul@maximenvironmental.com and Adrian Beaumont adrian@maximenvironmental.com ; equipment is impeccably maintained for precision and accuracy- we would not provide our customers what we would not use ourselves.

We are here to apply several years knowledge and skills, assisting through exceptional customer service, and supplying superbly maintained instrumentation.

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