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Casella CEL-120/2

Casella CEL-120/2

The Casella CEL120/2 Acoustic Calibrator is the smallest of its type in the world.

The field calibration of a sound level meter or noise dosimeter is an essential procedure when carrying out any type of acoustic survey, both before and after each measurement sequence.  This ensures that the instruments are providing consistently accurate readings necessary for monitoring to ensure compliance with workplace and environmental criteria/regulations.

The CEL 120/2 Acoustic Calibrator can output a duel level calibration at 94.0 dB and 114.0 dB.

The CEL 120/2 Acoustic Calibrator is provided with each rental of:

The Casella DBadge Noise Dosimeters (click here)
The Casella 63X Sound Level Meters (click here)

When each measurement instrument is connected to the acoutic calibrator, it will auto-detect the calibrator and enter the calibration mode. 



Quest QC-10 Sound Calibrator

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