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TSI EVM-7 IAQ Monitor

TSI EVM-7 IAQ Monitor

The TSI Quest EVM Environmental Monitor simultaneously measure particulates and gas concentration in real-time. These
monitors measure select toxic gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), relative humidity, temperature and air velocity.


  • Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs): 0.01 to 2,000 ppb
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) range: 0 to 1000 ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) range: 0 to 5000 ppm
  • Temperature range: 0.1 to 60 deg C
  • Relative humidity range: 0.1 to 100% RH
  • Dust (particulate): PM 2.5, 4, 10, or TSP


  • Compact, easy to use.
  • All-in-one IAQ monitor (less equipment to carry at job site).
  • User-selectable logging intervals and start/stop times.
  • Battery life = 8 hours. 
  • DC power option included for continuous monitoring.

QTrak Model 7575

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