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Kemmerer Sampler

Kemmerer Sampler


The Kemmerer sampler is ideal for collecting a vertical "grab" sample from a desired water depth.


Simply lower the sampler to the desired depth, release the stainless steel messenger on the deployment rope which will trigger the sampler to close and seal in the water sample.  Use the deployment rope to raise the sampler back to the surface and transfer the water sample into your analytical bottle.


These Kemmerer water samplers have no metal parts to contact your sample. Delrin fasteners and an O ring replace the stainless steel garter spring in the All-Angle trip head. The bottle body can be either transparent acrylic, which allows you to view your sample before removal, or opaque PVC for greater durability. The all-plastic center shaft is made of plastic CPVC with a plastic delrin nut on its bottom.


Sampler rental includes:
  • 1.2L Kemmerer Water Sampling Bottle
  • Stainless steel split messenger
  • 100 ft of deployment rope
  • Carry case

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