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Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter

Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter

Solinst Model 101

The Solinst Sonic Water Level Meter transmits sound waves to accurately measure the depth to water in a well or a pipe.
It is a simple-to-use handheld unit consisting of a control unit with an LCD display, a connected probe, and supplied with a plastic cover for larger diameter wells. 
The Sonic Water Level Meter allows the user to input parameters such as; well diameter, offsets, and temperature to refine the measurements.
  • Measures down to 600 m (2000 ft).
  • Ideal for potable water wells.
  • Quick and easy water level measurements.
  • No equipment is lowered into the well (no decontamination required).
  • Ideal for narrow diameter and crooked wells, or wells with obstructions.
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