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SS Monsoon Submersible Pump

SS Monsoon Submersible Pump
The stainless steel Monsoon Pump is capable of pumping from 120 feet below ground level by simply connecting to a 12-volt battery.  Its reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling, purging, and hydrogeological tests.
  • Ideal for 2" diameter monitoring wells (pump has a 1.82" diameter).
  • 3/8" ID tubing is connected to the pumps barb (can be modified to use other tubing types).
  • Easy to operate and powered by a 12V battery.
  • Stainless steel construction allows the pump to be used in harsh conditions.
  • The flow rate controller allows users to easily vary the flow rate.
  • The pump is mounted on a reel assembly for easy transport and deployment.
  • Simple to clean and decontaminate.
The variable flow rate controller allows for controlled pumping for low-flow or pump tests:
The optional in-line check valves are ideal during pump tests and well purging as they prevent the backflow of water into the well when the pump is shut off:

Pump rates can vary depending on the depth to water conditions:

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