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Horiba U-22

Horiba U-22

Horiba U-22 Multi-Parameter Probe

The original Horiba multi-parameter water quality monitoring meter is designed to be extra durable with the convenience of the auto-calibration feature. The compact monitoring meter offers high-pressure tolerance, long-term continuous measurement capability, and highly accurate, simultaneous analysis of 13 parameters. The Horiba U-22 can be deployed directly for surface water applications or used with the narrow flow-cell for groundwater programs.

Parameters: pH & ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity


  • Rugged & easy to use handset
  • One solution field auto-calibration
  • Up to 13 parameter measurements
  • 47-mm diameter sensor probe
  • Battery life = 12 hours with internal three C-sized alkaline

Companion accessories for groundwater sampling programs:


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