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Horiba U-52

Horiba U-52

The next generation U-52 series multi-parameter probes are equipped to measure and log data for as many as 11 parameters simultaneously with one single probe. Experience the durability, reliability, and intuitive software that will exceed your expectations. Monitor surface water and groundwater by deploying the probe directly into a body of water or using a flow cell.

Instrument measures:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Oxidative/Reductive Potential (ORP)
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Turbidity


Maxim rental includes the flow cell for groundwater monitoring & sampling programs:


  • Rugged & easy to use the handset
  • One solution field auto-calibration
  • Up to 11 parameter measurements
  • Field serviceable
  • Battery life = 20 hours with internal four C-sized alkaline

Companion accessories for groundwater sampling programs:


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