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SKC Vac-U-Chamber (Lung Box)

The Vac-U-Chamber is a rigid air sample box that directly fills a sample bag using negative pressure provided by an air sample pump.  The Vac-U-Chamber is available in four sizes and will not collapse under pressure from the vacuum.  Use the Vac-U-Chamber for soil gas/vapour sampling, sub-slab vapour sampling, groundwater testing, stack sampling, ventilation studies, hazmat testing. 

The Vac-U-Chamber is equipped with three 1/4-inch OD fitting ports for inflation sample bags (Tedlar Bags):

  • The Sample inlet port for connecting to the sample line or gas.
  • Purge port for purging the air prior to sampling or when preparing the bag for a standard.
  • Vacuum port for inflating the bag.
  • Uses negative pressure provided by most personal air sample pumps
  • Designed for Tedlar sample bags
  • Sample does not pass through the pump
  • Sample contacts only inert tubing and bag

Companion accessories for soil vapour/sub-slab vapour programs:


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