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MGD-2002 Helium Leak Detector

MGD-2002 Helium Leak Detector

The MGD-2002 uses a common tracer gas like hydrogen or helium (recommended) to locate leaks in most pressurized systems with remarkable accuracy. It is an excellent tool for leak detection in underground pipes, tanks, and cables. 

The MGD-2002 has become an environmental industry standard for use in soil and sub-slab vapour programs to determine the integrity of installed probes and sample train connection points.

Helium detection range: 25 ppm to 100% concentration

  • User-friendly and easy to calibrate
  • Includes field replaceable moisture cartridge and needle probe assembly
  • Battery life = 8 hours, comes with car adapter charger.

Companion accessories for soil vapour/sub-slab vapour programs:


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