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Gilair Plus

Gilair Plus

Sensidyne GilAir Plus Air Sampling Pump

The GilAir Plus features wide dynamic flow and pressure ranges to address all personal air sampling methods with flow ranges between 20 and 5,000 cc/min. With patent-pending QuadMode air sampling technology, the GilAir Plus can perform both high-flow constant pressure and constant flow (450-5,000 cc/min) and low-flow constant pressure and constant flow (20-499 cc/min) with a single pump without external adaptors. It's like getting two pumps in one.

Airflow ranges: 
  • Standard flow range: 20 to 5,000 ml/min (+/- 5%)


  • Rugged, portable design
  • Battery life = 8 hours with internal NiMH battery


When air sampling with media, MAXIM can provide cassette holders and 37 mm aluminum cyclones:


A pouch is provided to protect the instrument during your rental:


Companion accessories for soil vapour/sub-slab vapour programs:


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