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Dwyer Manometer

Dwyer Manometer

Dwyer Series 475 Digital Manometer

The Dwyer Series 475-FM Mark III handheld Digital Manometer is an excellent air and gas pressure reading device. This particular manometer is ideal for field calibration, checking the air quality in clean rooms, or for use in a variety of other low-pressure pneumatic systems. The Dwyer Series Digital Manometer is also great for monitoring or troubleshooting HVAC systems. It can measure positive or differential pressures of air and natural gases in ranges from 1 in. w.c. (0.249 kPa) to 150 psid (10.34 bar).

The Dwyer Manometer is commonly used in soil & sub-slab vapour programs.

  • User-friendly and comes pre-calibrated
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Battery life = 12 hours with a 9V alkaline battery

Companion accessories for soil vapour/sub-slab vapour programs:


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